These 4 Features Instantly Increase Your Home’s Value—Do You Already Have Them?

Posted June 02, 2021
These 4 Features Instantly Increase Your Home’s Value—Do You Already Have Them?

If you’re looking to take advantage of the seller’s market we’re in right now, you might be wondering how much your home is worth. While there are certainly several marketing tactics (like home staging) that can help you get top dollar, don’t overlook features that can instantly increase your home’s value—features you may already have!

These value-boosters go beyond DIY home improvement projects that have a high ROI. I’m talking about traits your home likely already has. Many homeowners don’t even realize their property could sell for more simply because of these items.

1. Sunrooms and Enclosed Porches

If you’ve added a sunroom or enclosed porch to your home since you’ve moved in, your living space has increased, making your home instantly more valuable.

These rooms are better than open-air porches because they protect from the outside elements (who wants to get bitten by bugs?) and are energy-efficient. After all, San Diego weather is so nice, you likely don’t need air conditioning!

2. Open Floor Plans

Does your living room open up into the dining room and kitchen? Open floor plans tend to sell better on the market.

Even if you have a smaller home, simply having a wide open space in your main living area can make the house seem much larger than it is.

If you’re eager for a renovation with high ROI, knocking down a wall or two might be a great option!

3. Solar Panels and Other Energy-Efficient Features

Solar panels can save you money on your fluctuating electric bill as well as increase the value of your home. If you don’t already have solar panels, now may be a good time to get them, especially since California is requiring all residential buildings have them by 2045.

If your home already runs on solar, look around for other energy-saving features. The National Association of REALTORS® found that energy-efficient windows, doors, siding, appliances, and lighting were among the environmentally friendly features buyers considered “very important.”

4. Basements and Attics

Simply adding a basement can increase your home’s worth on the market. And if you’ve converted your basement, cellar, or attic into another room, you’ve already increased your living space and, therefore, your home’s price point.

Is converting your attic into another room too much to think about right now? That’s okay. Just filling loose insulation in the attic can ratchet up your home’s selling price. Air sealing and adding insulation makes your house instantly more valuable to prospective buyers.

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