Celest Secrist

Posted August 01, 2020

Licensed Sales Agent + Concierge Specialist


As a licensed sales agent and concierge specialist, Celest’s talents in customer service are constantly on display. Her background in the banking and hospitality industries equip her to ask customers the right questions that reveal their needs and goals.

Celest has worked at Fortune 100 companies and even managed a bank branch, where she eventually started working with loans and mortgages. That experience caused Celest to realize her love for real estate, which led her to Team Foote—and we’re so glad it did!

As a concierge specialist, Celest guides sellers through the process of transforming their home so it can sell for top dollar. Sometimes that means new paint or staging the home so it looks even more attractive to potential buyers. Celest is there the entire time to coordinate the process so sellers can leave the stress behind and focus on their families.

Celest has lived in San Diego since she was 5 years old. Her love for her home city enables her to guide our clients through San Diego’s many neighborhoods and find a home that’s perfect for them.

Her caring heart for people comes out in other areas, too, especially in how she and her husband raise their five children. When she’s not caring for her little ones and selling homes, Celest is working as a parent volunteer at Maranatha Christian School or changing lives as a health and wellness coach.


San Diego + Escondido


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