Unique Needs Buying a Home as a Pro Athlete

Posted August 13, 2021
Unique Needs Buying a Home as a Pro Athlete

If you're buying a home as a pro athlete, you have unique needs to consider. And finding a real estate agent who understands and can meet those needs? That can be tough.

We at NATIVE have years of experience working with athletes in buying and selling homes. And, our licensed sales broker, Rashard Cook, is a former professional athlete himself, having played football in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles.

When it comes to working with professional athletes, Rashard draws upon his personal experience to guide his clients on their home purchase. Here are the top priorities our team considers when working with professional athletes:

1. Safe neighborhood.

Professional athletes work long hours and generally have to travel for several days at a time. That means your family may often be home alone, making safety a top priority.

The higher-profile an athlete is, the more important security is. We understand this and focus on showing you homes in areas that are safe and have low crime rates.

2. Comfortable area.

Comfort will look different for each person. You alone determine if a neighborhood or home feels right to you. If you have a young family, close proximity to high-quality schools may be a priority. You may want to live near the beach, a horse boarding stable, or the amenities of downtown. If you value privacy, an exclusive neighborhood where homes have their own gates or walls may provide you the most comfort.

We want to know what comforts are important to you. We use our in-depth knowledge of San Diego County neighborhoods to help you narrow down your search.


3. Proximity to your sports facility.

How close is the home to where you work? If you play professional hockey, baseball, or soccer for San Diego, you want to be near your respective facility.

Not all athletes who live in San Diego play on San Diego teams. Those who play for other cities sometimes buy a second home in San Diego so they can live here during the off-season. Rashard recommends finding a home that’s near your training facility. "I rented in New Jersey when I played in Philadelphia. I also owned a home in California because I knew this is where I wanted to settle down with my family some day."

4. Protect your privacy.

It’s important to protect your privacy when house hunting, especially during the negotiation stage. “The higher-profile you are, the more important it is to protect your privacy. And that’s in any industry,” Rashard explains.

It is not uncommon for home sellers to refuse to negotiate the price—or increase the price—because they find out the buyer is an athlete. Some sellers will try to get as much as they can out of the deal because they know you’re a celebrity. That's why we always keeps our high-profile clients’ identities confidential. "We don’t want anything to undermine our clients safety or keep them from getting the best deal possible," notes Rashard.

5. Flexibility and communication

Pro athletes don’t typically have “normal” schedules, and requesting time off can be difficult. We understand this and work with your schedule to show you homes when you’re able to see them in person. If you can’t view a home in person, we will provide you with virtual tours of properties.

Our goal is to walk you through the home buying or relocation process and answer any questions you have. Buying a home is a big investment, and our quality agents will help you understand all your options so you can make the best choice for your family.


Looking for a home in San Diego? We can help you find your dream home at an ideal price—all while protecting your privacy. Email us at office@native.us to get started.